Client Rights and Responsibilities

What I’ll do…

In securing the services of a psychology professional, you can expect that I will listen closely to your story and ensure that I understand as much background and detail as possible.

Confidentiality in the relationship is of paramount importance. I will seek your permission to obtain information from, and release information to, those professionals who you want to be involved in your care.

Please note that I do have ethical and professional obligations under mandatory reporting laws that require me to report certain harmful behaviours to authorities. I am also obliged to comply with legal subpoenas issued by an Australian Court and provide them with the documentation they request. If there are any questions about these obligations, please discuss this with me.

I will conduct assessments utilising the latest and most valid tools consistent with best practice in psychology and neuropsychology.  

I will tailor reports to respond concisely to the referral question that prompted the appointment or assessment.

If it becomes clinically necessary, in discussion with you, I will refer to other professionals as required.

I will maintain Continuing Professional Development to ensure latest knowledge and up-to-date clinical practice.


And in return…

You will need to read, understand, and fully consider this Client Rights and Responsibilities document.

Be aware of the costs associated with professional psychological intervention. Like an appointment with any qualified professional, one can expect to pay a fee for the services provided. My fees are guided by Standard Fee Schedule of the Australian Psychological Society.

Please see the Fee Schedule for an understanding of the costs you can expect. 

Time is important. I will be dedicating my time to understanding and working with you around the concerns you have. As I have set aside the time for you, you will be expected to attend the appointment you have booked. Of course, I understand that – on occasion – circumstances beyond your control sometimes makes it impossible to meet that obligation. If an appointment is cancelled 24 hours in advance, no cancellation fee will apply. However, within 24 hours, or if you fail to attend without any advance notice, a cancellation fee will apply (50% of the fee). This is only fair, as it means that someone who needed that appointment could not access it. This is standard procedure in consulting practices.


And finally…

As an active firefighter and senior officer with an RFS Brigade, there may be times I am called away urgently to an emergency. In our area, its usually to a bushfire or a motor vehicle accident. That may happen suddenly during an appointment, or have been activated prior to your arrival. The reception staff will attempt to contact you if I have been called away suddenly, or if I’m on a prolonged deployment during a bushfire crisis. This does not happen often, and I will do everything I can to make alternative arrangements so that it does not impact on our appointment. However, if it does, and you are affected, I apologise in advance and assure you that we will make arrangements as soon as possible afterwards.


Please download a copy of the Client Rights and Responsibilities form using the button below, sign and present to Reception staff at Goulburn Medical Clinic when booking or at your first appointment. Staff will need to view your credit card for verification.

Please see staff at Goulburn Medical Clinic if you require any assistance with this form.